Rema’s Sold-Out Concert Creates Gridlock In Delhi, India

Rema began his three-day tour of India yesterday in New Delhi. The concert was sold out, possibly the most significant performance by an afrobeats musician in India’s history. Unfortunately, according to numerous accounts, his sold-out performance generated hours of traffic in Delhi, making it difficult for drivers to reach their destinations.

His world tour, known as the Rema “Calm Down” India Tour, began on May 12 at the JLN Stadium in New Delhi. Then, on May 13, he will perform at the NSCI Dome in Mumbai before continuing his trip on May 14 at the Prism in Hyderabad. According to reports, the singer will make a dramatic entry onto the stage for his forthcoming gigs using a lowrider-style bicycle, a rickshaw, and a quad bike.

A six-foot life-size stuffed teddy bear mascot will be with him, heightening the drama of his performances. Offline Guys, Yuvraj Entertainment, and Grid Entertainment host and promote the “Rema Calm Down India Tour 2023” with Afrodesh.

After making his debut in March 2019, Rema quickly became popular and had since constantly unleashed smash after smash. In less than a year after its March 2022 release, his debut album, “Rave & Roses,” amassed more over a billion streams across all platforms, and the blockbuster song “Calm Down” was awarded platinum status in the US, the UK, France, and other European nations.

Look at the beautiful mayhem Rema created at his first Indian show.

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