Ric Hassani Delivers Two Memorable Songs: “Amina” and “The One”

Nigerian singer-songwriter Ric Hassani has released two new singles, “Amina” and “The One.” “Amina” is a fun music that combines Afrobeats, pop, and R&B. The lively beat and upbeat lyrics of the song extol the beauty of a woman named Amina while also stressing the role that money can play in encouraging people to love. On the other side, “The One” is a soulful ballad that highlights Ric Hassani’s emotional vocals and his ability to connect with listeners via his heartfelt lyrics.Ric Hassani Delivers Two Memorable Songs: &Quot;Amina&Quot; And &Quot;The One&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, March 1, 2024

Both songs are well-produced and demonstrate Ric Hassani’s artist diversity. The two singles have garnered positive feedback from fans and reviewers alike, with many admiring Ric Hassani’s distinct style and expressive vocals.

“Amina” and “The One” follow the popularity of Ric Hassani’s previous single, “My Only Baby,” which was released earlier this year. The songs have gotten a lot of playing on radio stations across Nigeria, and they are sure to cement Ric Hassani’s place as one of the best vocalists in the Nigerian music scene.

The release of “Amina” and “The One” demonstrates Ric Hassani’s artistic brilliance. Both tracks highlight different aspects of the singer’s flexibility and illustrate his ability to make catchy and meaningful music. Afrobeats and Nigerian music fans should definitely add these two new singles to their playlists. Listen to them below:

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