Ric Hassani Finally Talks About His Alleged Romance With Waje

Ric Hassani said he could accept cheating in relationships and dismissed reports that he is dating singer Waje. Hassani admitted that he does not mind cheating in a relationship during an interview with Hot FM Lagos. However, he thinks that since there is only one life to live, it should be fully experienced. The artist continues by saying that as long as his relationship is deeper, it doesn’t matter if his partner cheats on him.

He added that he would allow his partner to cheat and even drive her to the other man’s house if she felt like it. Later, he denied any connection to Waje and said the rumors weren’t true. The couple’s romance was widely reported on social media years ago, but neither party publicly acknowledged it. The artist explained that he wanted to see where the news would go when questioned why he didn’t remark on it.

He clarified that they are not dating and that he is happy to continue being her friend.

The interview comes after the singer dropped his first 2023 single, “My Only Baby,” for which he has also shot a tasteful music video. Ric will also be starring in an upcoming REDTV series, “When Are We Getting Married,” which had its trailer released a week ago.

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