Rick Ross Claims He’s Applied For A Zoo License To Buy Exotic Animals

Numerous bizarre tales have centred around Rick Ross. His habit of filming almost everything he does has made his oddities more noticeable and made people watch him closely whenever he appears. He was chastised online for an odd video in which he samples one of Bun B’s vegan burgers, and they were rewarded for it earlier this week. Now that he’s uploaded another video, he’s making eye-catching claims regarding a license he recently applied for. He speaks to his followers personally amid many recent Instagram stories.

Rick Ross received negative feedback from fans after his most recent auto show earlier this week. They said that the excessive number of supporters made the show chaotic. When he posted a response, he seemed indifferent to the criticism.

He informed them he had applied for a zoo license on his iG. He tried to answer fans’ questions before they could even ask why. He stated that after he receives his license, he intends to order elephants and giraffes. Fans attempt to explain his assertions in the comments. Some fans speculated that Rick Ross may have been joking about getting a zoo license and ordering exotic animals. Others expressed concern about the ethical implications of keeping such animals in captivity. Overall, the Instagram post sparked a lively debate among his followers.

“Drake made this man a zookeeper”, a fan laughs, evoking Ross’s brief feud with Drake earlier in the year. Some fans approach it in a way that makes more sense. “This is a tax break if you don’t understand. Each animal, etc., is more determinable. A “zoo” receives numerous write-offs. One enthusiast asserts, “It’s a tax break in the long run when you see rich people owning certain animals.” Another person concurs, saying, “He’s doing this for taxes.”

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