Rick Ross Discusses Why He Has Never Filed A Lawsuit In The Music Business

Finding reports of musicians criticizing their contracts is not difficult. Musicians frequently use public forums to voice their complaints about contracts they’re trying to break out of or to call out anyone they think are trying to do them dirty, whether it be with their label, management, or a brand.

Ross claims that he has never done this and isn’t even familiar with it since, as he recently disclosed on the Beyond The Chair Podcast, he settles those conflicts one-on-one. “You gotta realize when you a young artist, I’m sure after you become successful, whatever you look back on you’ll consider it a bad contract,” said Rozay.

“Have I ever been taken advantage of? No,” he added. “Have I ever been robbed? No. Have I ever had to sue someone I was in business with musically? No.” Ross’s lack of desire to file a lawsuit against anyone startled the hosts, it seemed.

“It was just the way I moved, I guess,” Ross replied. “Whoever I was in the contract with, we always had [an] open phone conversation. So, if it was anything that was a problem, I presented it and they just explained it to me. If it’s respectable, I’ma respect it because I always felt like, any contract I sign, whatever couple years it was, I could work myself out of this in no time really.”

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