Rick Ross Finds It Difficult To Walk In His New Balmain Sneakers

Rick Ross isn’t hesitant to splurge on items that may or may not be useful. He’s mentioned bringing lions to the Promised Land, or “my personal cats,” as he refers to them. To bring to his vehicle display, he bought a Louis Vuitton tank. The list could go on and on.

He’s now purchased some expensive footwear, and it’s unclear whether he’ll be capable of walking in them. Ross makes his way down a lengthy hallway in Balmain sneakers in a new video.

In all fairness to both Ross and Balmain, the rapper is only sporting one foot in the shoe, so it’s a little uneven. But it’s clear that the sneaker’s large sole is causing him some problems. “What kind of shoe is that?” enquires the cameraman. The answer is a Balmain Unicorn low-top sneaker made of neoprene and leather, which retails for $1,295 on the market. Ross matches his neon green bucket hat.

Even if Ross suffers from buyer’s regret, it appears that the shoes will not put a significant hole in his bank account. A Promise Land event participant reportedly sold the rapper a car for $150,000. He documented the transaction with a video and wrote, “WHEN THE BOSS SAYS HE WANTS IT HE GOES AND GET IT!!!”

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