Rick Ross Gives A Hilarious Explanation On Why Boxers Have A Different Breathing Technique

Turns out Rick Ross has comedy as an inner talent, as he cracks up fans on social media with a viral clip of him attempting to explain a boxer’s psyche in the ring.

For a minute now, Rick Ross has been going viral on a weekly basis owing to his Instagram antics. The rapper’s IG story usually brims with promotional posts, motivational gems, and a lot of entertaining content. Just the other week, he took fans on excursion to his backyard where he was chopping trees. Prior to that, he had documented the incoming of the first cow he had on his farm.

His most recent viral moment came when he tried breaking down the underlying theory behind the psychology of a fighter in the ring. The rapper had wrapped up his boxing training at the gym when he chose to hop on Instagram to deliver some explanation as to why boxers have heavy breathing techniques.

“They make those noises just to put fear in the opponent’s heart,” he said, drawing short, animated breaths to further rub in his point. Then he went on, “All that breathing shit — they want you to think they punching so fast. That ain’t that. That’s a n***a making noise with his mouth and if you fall for it.”

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