Rick Ross Plays “The Game” With The LOX & Fat Joe

Rick Ross, The LOX and Fat Joe link up for a new number titled “The Game,” bringing y’all a few minutes break from the drab and the unmemorable. It’s a meeting of champs and the result will keep you entertained for a long time to come. We said it – sue at your leisure.

The title of the song brings a lot to mind. Now include that the number was released in collaboration with DraftKings, a betting company, and you have a whole lot popping in your mind even before you listen to the track. “The Game.” What does that tell you?

It is tempting to want to spill it all here. But there should be greater pleasure in walking the planes of this number yourself without the crutch of an explanation from us. Best believe it’s one journey you would be glad you took at the end of the day.

As solo artists, Rick Ross, The LOX and Fat Joe are pretty good. Their coming together haled to a number that we expect would live long on the playlist of many music lovers out there. If you count yourself on the list, then welcome. It’s time to embrace “The Game.” No qualms.

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