Rihanna Flaunts Natural Hairstyle Ahead Of Fenty Hair Launch

On Sunday, Rihanna ventured outdoors in New York City, flaunting her natural hair and sporting a fur coat. The appearance coincides with the debut of Fenty Hair, her latest endeavour in the cosmetics industry, which is now accessible through early access and will go live on Thursday, June 13. Followers were quick to applaud Rihanna’s audacious wardrobe decision and excitedly await the debut of Fenty Hair, conjecturing about the cutting-edge goods the brand may include. With her inclusive and trailblazing approach, the singer and entrepreneur still makes waves in cosmetics.

Fans praised The Shade Room profusely in the comments section after the store posted images and videos of the ensemble on Instagram. “Maybe she’ll document her hair growth journey with her products,” a supporter wrote. “The best way to prove a product works is to start short and healthy” is the subject of another famous comment. Excellent Promotion.

Others directly defended her in the face of criticism over her appearance. “For me, it’s the black women [eye roll emoji] in the comments. Very depressing,” a fan remarked. “And you’ll declare that the reason you’re uncomfortable with your natural hair is because of white folks or black men. It is your own! Smh.”

Last week, Rihanna revealed Fenty Hair in an Instagram picture. “@fentyhair was created to keep up with our hair and lifestyle while constantly strengthening and repairing our hair with each use,” she wrote. “My hair has always been a huge part of my career and personal evolution,” she continued. “I’m very excited for you guys to experience this! Click the [link emoji] in my bio to register and start shopping immediately!

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