Roddy Ricch Gets Rid Of His Social Media Following Criticism

Roddy Ricch has decided it is time to take a break from social media, as he takes down all his social media pages after being criticized over new music.

On Saturday, the “Ballin” rapper took to his Twitter page to share a 30-second snippet of an unreleased track titled “Out of My Mind”, captioning it “For your ears only.” From the look of things, he wasn’t quite ready for the wave of negative feedback generated. Social media was swift to criticize Roddy’s new music, Complex reports.

Some fans even expressed how let down they were, while others claimed the Grammy-winning emcee was simply “falling off.”

“We don’t need this on God,” tweeted one person, while another typed: “It’s safe to say Roddy Ricch blew up before we could see his true potential.”

“We are witnessing the Chance The Rapper-ification of Roddy Ricch,” a third person wrote.

The backlash quickly caught up to Roddy, who acknowledged the negative comments before discarding his Instagram and Twitter accounts. “Guess I’m a flop now,” he wrote next to the peace sign emoji. “Sh*t crazy.”

Roddy released his sophomore album last December. He has also been working on a new mixtape, which he said would release sometime this year. Let’s hope this little show of hate does not derail him.

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