Rowdy Rebel Argues With DJ Akademiks Over 6ix9ine On New Podcast Episode

While folks are left wondering what happened to DJ AkademiksInstagram account that was lost without notice, the podcast host was busy putting in work into his podcast, Off The Record. Though efforts are being made to retrieve his Instagram account.

Recently, Akademiks’s Off The Record podcast hosted rapper, Rowdy Rebel, and during their discussion, the Brooklyn rapper called out fellow New York artist, Tekashi 6ix9ine, for having testified against his friends and associates of the Nine Trey Gangsters.

Rowdy said he had no trace of doubt in him for a nanosecond that 6ix9ine would switch up on Nine Trey, further adding that his own collective, GS9, wouldn’t dare do such a thing. Akademiks had launched the segment by stating that New York’s Rap scene had been a corpse for a while.

But Rowdy quickly called him out for hanging with 6ix9ine. “That pussy had a great run, son,” said Rowdy, not failing to mention that as soon as he learned that 6ix9ine was in legal trouble, he instinctively “knew” that things would be taking a trip down south.

“I seen the toughest n*ggas fold under pressure in that room,” the rapper said. “He wasn’t even half as tough.” Akademiks wanting to know how Rowdy “predicted” 6ix9ine’s scandal, got this for an answer from him: “He was never outside! He ain’t have no morals, no morals.” Check out the clip below:

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