Ruger Reveals The Origin Of His Iconic ‘Girlfriend’ Dance Move

A young Nigerian musician named Ruger has disclosed the source of the idea for his well-known dance moves from the song “Girlfriend.” Ruger recently discussed the origin of the dance routine and the process that went into writing the popular song in an interview with Wazobia FM.

Ruger admitted in the interview that he is critical of his own work and likes to work alone himself in the studio. Additionally, he said that “Girlfriend” was a last-minute addition to his album; it was originally just going to contain “Red Flag.” But the choice to include the song turned out to be a good one, since it has since become one of Ruger’s biggest successes.

The “Girlfriend” dance was not intentionally created, according to Ruger, who went on to say that it developed spontaneously. After explaining that he was gripping a wall while singing the song, he began to dance to the music. When Ruger’s buddy saw the dance moves, he instantly saw its potential and pushed Ruger to utilize it to promote the song.

The popularity of “Girlfriend” and the associated dance routine has solidified Ruger’s standing in the Nigerian music scene. He has attracted a sizable fanbase with some of his biggest singles, such as “Asiwaju,” and is well recognized for his contagious afrobeat music and dance movements.

The musician also discussed the writing process for “Girlfriend,” stating that he began the song in May but didn’t finish it until September. Ruger acknowledged fellow Nigerian musician D’Prince for helping with the compositional process.

Ruger’s success in the Nigerian music industry is a result of his skill and perseverance. The young musician is ready to take the scene by storm with singles like “Girlfriend” and “Asiwaju” already under his belt. Fans are anxiously expecting his next move, thanks to his dedication to his craft and desire to try new things.

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