Ruger’s “Asiwaju” Gains More Traction As The Kardashian Sisters React To Hit Song

It is safe to say that Ruger’s massive hit song “Asiwaju” has garnered worldwide recognition after one of the Kardashian sisters reacted to it in a video shared on her social media platform. The Kardashian family is a well-known one that stands for the Media, Fashion, and Entertainment industries. One of the Kardashian sisters from the reality TV family provided feedback on the fantastic song “Asiwaju” by the well-known Nigerian musician Ruger as she was seen vibing to it.

Model Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s younger sister, tweeted a video of herself swaying to the popular song with a friend to meet her family elsewhere. The millionaire, also the partner of the American rapper Travis Scott, was on the phone with her mother while riding in the back of a limo while the hit song was playing.

Ruger sets the bar in the Afrobeats genre with back-to-back successes. The young musician made his debut in music with an EP called “Pandemic,” Since then, he has kept up the pace, created waves, and rocked the world. He summarizes his music using melodic, energetic, relatable, and toxic. Ruger, who is 23 and a signee to Jonzin World, has been able to capitalize on the trends that enthrall the modern generation. According to several music experts and watchers, the song “Asiwaju” was released just in time to capitalize on the election trend in Nigeria.

The song is undoubtedly still on fire, as the Kardashian post proves. Ruger appears to have a sizable following on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other platforms. All because of his music, fashion, and lyricism.

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