Ryan Taylor’s Ex- Girlfriend, Fiona Michelle Sends DJ Cuppy A Message

DJ Cuppy’s fiancé , Ryan Taylor’s purported ex-girlfriend Fiona Michelle, has sent a message across to her in what has the undertones of shading.

Fiona Michelle quipped in a TikTok video why she doesn’t mind that Ryan is courting the DJ and billionaire heiress. The well-known TikTok user alleged that the British boxer is a flagrant cheater and liar and went ahead to imply that DJ Cuppy can indeed have her man as it was not her loss. In the few seconds video, She opined “My ex is a big fat liar and a cheater, you can keep him.”

Remember that Cybernauats had discovered footage of Ryan Taylor having a relationship with another lady weeks before Cuppy proposed to him after the news of their engagement became public? The social media videos claim that Taylor met UK influencer Fiona Michelle not long before DJ Cuppy and him announced their engagement.

In November, Fiona shared a TikTok video with an unidentified man whose tattoos matched Taylor’s.

Netizens’ reactions to the videos that DJ Cuppy’s fiancé, Ryan Tailor, posted online were conflicted. Many people asserted that the British boxer enjoyed seducing and manipulating women. Cuppy though has remain enthusiastic about her new relationship and has continued to gloss over it on social media

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