Saleka Releases Intimate Female Empowerment Track “Echo”

Following a showstopping tour alongside Giveon and a recent performance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, R&B songstress Saleka returns with her soulful, haunting new song, “Echo” which was inspired by Greek goddesses – Echo (of course) and Syrinx (who says you don’t learn things through music?). “Echo” marks the latest installment into Saleka’s brimming discography succeeding recent tracks “Red Eyes,” “Seance,” and a string of praised songs which were featured on Apple TV+ series Servant.

Saleka Releases Intimate Female Empowerment Track “Echo”, Yours Truly, News, March 4, 2024

Listen to “Echo”:

Watch “Echo” lyric video: 

‘Echo’ is a song based on the stories of two female characters in Greek mythology,” Saleka shares. “The first is Echo, a mountain nymph who was cursed by a Queen to only be able to repeat the words of others that she hears. The second is Syrinx, a wood nymph, who was ‘pursued’ (aka sexually harassed) by a God named Pan, who chased her through the forest. She tried to run from him and came to a river’s edge where she begged the river nymphs for assistance and finally just as he was about to catch her, she was transformed into water reeds. But Pan liked the way the wind sounded through the water reeds and so he decided to pluck them and make them into an instrument, ‘pan pipes,’ for himself. I imagine this song through the voice of Syrinx, who as all this is happening to her, sees Echo across the river and sings to her because she now knows what it feels like to not be able to speak for herself anymore. It is a song about objectification and losing your voice. It is a message from a woman to another

woman, saying I understand your pain and hear you even if the rest of the world can’t.”

Last week, Saleka wrapped the Give Or Take Tour 2022 opening for Giveon. The tour kicked off on August 16 in her hometown, Philadelphia, PA, and included a 2-night stop at Radio City Music Hall in NYC.

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