Sam Smith And Kim Petras Reveal Their New Joint Single, “Unholy”

Sam Smith has revealed that the release of “Unholy” featuring Kim Petras will take place the next week after a number of teasers on social media over the past few weeks. The song, which is anticipated to feature on their fourth album, was also shared by Smith. Smith’s debut single, “Unholy,” which follows Petras’ rendition of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” that was released in the same month, will be her first since collaborating with Cat Burns on an updated version of her “go” tune in June.

Petras confirmed last month that she will release not just one, but two new songs in September. The new single underway will also be featured on Sam’s forthcoming fourth album, which comes after 2020’s “Love Goes.”

Speaking about the upcoming single, Sam says, “‘Unholy’ was made in Jamaica and was one of the most glorious creative moments I’ve ever had as an artist. I’ve never had so much fun making a record. It was so cathartic and freeing to experiment like this and throw out the rule book. It has also been an honour to work with Kim Petras and get to witness her brilliance. This song is about liberating oneself from the clutches of others’ secrets…”

Check out the song’s teaser below:

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