Sarkodie And Opulous Partner Up To Grant Fans Shares In A New Mixtape

Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie, is scheduled to release “The Championship,” a new mixtape, on May 24. To commemorate this milestone, the artist has partnered with blockchain platform Opulous to enable fans to purchase shares of the project. The announcement comes just after the BET winner listened to the mixtape in London.

It indicates that direct-to-consumer platforms are becoming more and more popular, as seen by businesses like EVEN and HYBE’s Weverse. There is currently limited information available regarding the terms of the deal; however, Sarkodie stated that more information will become available soon.

Similar to this, not much is known about The Championship, which was announced last week with the release of “Brag.” Apart from that, it’s going to be a hip-hop project exclusively, and his first since Jamz in 2022. It will be Sarkodie’s first hip-hop release since No Pressure in 2021 and his ninth solo album overall.

According to Lee Parsons, co-founder of Ditto Music, Opulous wants to “democratise music financing while strengthening the artist-fan connection, creating a more equitable and supportive music economy.” With a market capitalization of $65.7 million as of right now, according to CoinGecko, it swiftly raised $6.5 million through funding rounds after launching in 2021.

Opulous AI, a new financial tool that forecasts future royalties across all digital streaming platforms, was unveiled in March by Opulous.

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