Sarkodie Blasts Nasty C In New Freestyle

Ghanaian Hip Hop star Sarkodie blasts SA rapper Nasty C in latest freestyle “Get the f**k out!”

We are all used to feuds on the Hip Hop scene. Some would say that it’s the feuds that make Hip Hop more interesting. Rapper Sarkodie had a few choice words for Nasty C after the Mzansi rapper talked about him in his music “No Big Deal” earlier.

Nasty C has stated that the first time he met Sark, who was a big inspiration to him, Sark refused to shake his hand. The “SMA” star could not get over it and said he would never collaborate with the Ghanaian rapper. Sark was silent about the track for a while until now.

He has finally spoken out and even dropped a new freestyle titled “Landlord” in response. “I heard the young champ is hurt. I’m sorry. But anytime you meet the highest, all you need is just a marker to grab an autograph and get the fvck out. I ain’t got to shake your hand so you can walk out. And so you know, it’s not me you fighting.”

“It’s your own ego and a couple of things you’ve got to sort out. See I ain’t got pride to reach out to nobody. I love that Nigga, your ego is so baggy. I never reached out hommie but I know what you doing. Such smart ass touching the god is part of the plan. That shit is still old but still work. This is like Jay Z responding to Lil Durk.”

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