Sarkodie’s Eighth Studio Album, “Jamz,” Will Be Made Available On November 11th

Sarkodie, the most celebrated rapper in Ghana, has set November 11th, 2002 as the release date for his album “Jamz.” After releasing his debut album, “Makye,” 13 years ago, Sarkodie will be releasing his eighth studio album with this one. In a video teaser announcing the album release date, Ghana’s Artiste of the Decade said, ”As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to rap. I fell in love with this art form as a youth.”

He went on to add: “Growing up in Tema gave me a lot to talk about, and I always had an idea about the kind of career I wanted, so I had to stay true to myself. My second album is already 10 years [old] and I am on my 8th album, still doing it my way. It takes a lot to stay motivated, but you can’t be in a rush to skip the process, you still have to deal with everything that comes with it.”

In recent years, Sarkodie has put out a number of popular albums, including “Black Love,” “Highest,” “Sarkology,” and “Mary,” among others. A few months after its release, his most recent album, “No Pressure,” became the first Ghanaian album to receive 20 million or more streams on Boomplay.

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