Saweetie Has Plans Of Placing Her Grammy “Somewhere Special” , And Will Also Be Bringing A Date To The Ceremony

Just weeks away from the sought-after Grammy awards, Saweetie reflects on finding out about her first nominations. The Bay Area rapper, months ago, showed great excitement after it was made known that she got a Grammy nom for Best New Artist, as well as Best Rap Song for her hit single, “Best Friend”, which featured Doja Cat.

Though she hasn’t bagged the gold plaque yet, Saweetie speaking with the PEOPLE Every Day podcast disclosed that she does have plans to keep her Grammy “somewhere special” in her home.

“When you work really hard, it’s always nice to get acknowledged,” said the female rapper, adding that she was in total “shock” at the discovery of her nominations. “I screamed, [I] did a lot of things.”

During her time on the podcast, Saweetie also talked about the industry, emphasizing that there is a lot more to the glitz and glam that meets the eye.

“I just feel like as artists, you know, we have it tough. I feel like we have all the spotlight on us and people think that it’s glamorous when in all actuality there are a lot of difficult things that happen behind the scenes,” she said, while also revealing that she would be pulling up to the event with a plus one.

Check out the interview below:

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