Saweetie Reveals Lil Nas X And Rihanna As Her Celebrity Crush

Saweetie, the popular Grammy-winning artist, recently revealed her celebrity crushes in an interview with E! News, naming Rihanna as her celebrity girl crush and Lil Nas X as her celebrity guy crush. Describing the “Old Town Road” hitmaker as “so fine,” she even joked that he looked better than her.

Lil Nas X, an openly gay rapper, responded to Saweetie’s confession with humor, tweeting, “goodbye LGBT community, we had a great run.”

The playful exchange followed a brief social media misunderstanding, in which Saweetie liked a tweet containing a video of Lil Nas X’s Lollapalooza Chile performance and a comment questioning his sexuality. Saweetie later unliked the tweet, explaining that she hadn’t noticed the shade and liked the video because Lil Nas X “was lookin fine af.”

In the same interview, Saweetie also discussed the delay in releasing her debut album, emphasizing the importance of not rushing the process and her dedication to her art.

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