Seinabo Sey Unveils ‘The One After Me,’ Her First Album in Five Years

The Swedish Singer-Songwriter Returns with a Diverse Musical Offering

After a five-year hiatus, Swedish singer-songwriter Seinabo Sey has made a triumphant return with her new album, ‘The One After Me.’ The album, released by Capitol Records, is a reflection of Sey’s journey back to her musical roots, drawing inspiration from the R&B of her teens, the reggae music of Gambia, and the freedom to create music on her own terms.Seinabo Sey Unveils 'The One After Me,' Her First Album In Five Years, Yours Truly, News, March 1, 2024

Sey describes the creation of this album as one of the most significant challenges of her life, but also a period of immense learning and personal growth. “I have love and therapy to thank for feeling freer to experience and explore things, both as a human being and as an artist. I have gone through a lot and rediscovered what music means to me,” she shares.

The album marks a significant shift in Sey’s musical style. Unlike her previous works, ‘The One After Me’ sees Sey collaborating with a variety of producers and songwriters. The first single, “Yes,” was written in collaboration with Simon On The Moon, Namasenda, Roger Tallroth, and Joakim Hultqvist. The song, which features Swedish artist Namasenda, is a unique blend of folk music and hip-hop beats.

The album also includes the upcoming single “42,” a candid recounting of a toxic relationship. Sey reveals, “The lyrics are a very straightforward description of what happened, and I sang the whole song in my bed.”

The release of ‘The One After Me’ comes after a period of significant personal and professional growth for Sey. After touring with her childhood idol Lauryn Hill at the onset of the pandemic, Sey found a renewed sense of purpose and direction. “When I am in need, it is black women who save me and remind me of who I want to be. Lauryn did just that,” Sey reflects.

The pandemic also provided Sey with the opportunity to create music without pressure. The music studio became her safe haven, a place where she could explore her musicality freely. This newfound freedom is evident in the music of ‘The One After Me.’ The melodies are freer, and the lyrics reflect Sey’s journey towards self-acceptance and kindness.

With over one billion combined global streams, four Swedish GRAMMY awards, and a reputation for stunning live performances, Sey’s return to the music scene is highly anticipated. ‘The One After Me’ serves as a powerful reminder of Sey’s musical prowess and her ability to create deeply personal and resonant music.


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