Seun Kuti Attacked For Speaking Against Peter Obi’s Effort To Become Nigeria’s Next President

In a recent interview with TheMicOnPodcast, legendary Afrobeat singer Seun Kuti expressed his opinions on the status of Nigerian politics. Seun contends that devoted Nigerians—not politicians—will need to put up the most effort to ensure the survival of their country. Despite their closeness, Seun does not think that politicians can turn the country around. Omoyele Sowore is one of the candidates for president.

Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party, was criticized by Seun Kuti for being an opportunist. He maintained that Obi was merely the president of the internet and that he had no institutional knowledge because he was elected solely through social media, not in the actual world. Seun referred to Obi as a devoted capitalist who joined the LP after losing the PDP primary, accusing him of using the Labour Party agenda for his own personal gain.

Seun said that Sowore would be unable to lead the PDP and APC-dominated country successfully even if he were to win the election. He underlined that the two main political parties in Nigeria dominate the states, making it challenging for any president to make meaningful changes.

Seun is renowned for being a social critic and political activist, much like his late father, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. He has made advantage of his position to share his strong beliefs on how to make Nigeria better. Seun’s opinions on Nigerian politics are not the only ones, though. Many Nigerians are disenchanted with the country’s current political climate and think that only the people themselves can preserve it.

In conclusion, Seun Kuti’s remarks about Nigerian politics show how angry many Nigerians are with the way things are right now. Many people believe that for Nigeria to be preserved, despite the existence of politicians who assert to have the best interests of the nation at heart, it will take the efforts of devoted individuals. If the nation can overcome its current difficulties and advance toward a more promising future, only time will tell.

Seun Kuti Attacked For Speaking Against Peter Obi'S Effort To Become Nigeria'S Next President, Yours Truly, News, May 19, 2024Seun Kuti Attacked For Speaking Against Peter Obi'S Effort To Become Nigeria'S Next President, Yours Truly, News, May 19, 2024

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