Seun Kuti Comments On Tinubu’s Win

The last of Fela’s children, Seun Kuti, recently broke his quiet to express his opinions on Nigeria’s recently concluded presidential election. His remarks have illuminated societal fears and anxieties as well as political attitudes in Nigeria. Seun Kuti is renowned for speaking his mind without regard to what others may think of him.

He and P-Square member Peter Okoye got into a back-and-forth spat about who should be Nigeria’s president in the run-up to the elections. Kuti used Instagram to share his opinions on Nigeria’s politics and the recently finished elections. According to Seun Kuti, the public was in such a bind that, when it came to picking a president, they would settle for the least of three evils.

He acknowledged that, despite their best efforts, they only managed to select one of the top three prospects. In spite of understanding that they are primarily interested in themselves, prominent people frequently influence decisions in Nigeria, Kuti noted.

Seun recently discussed how the general public looks to celebrities to help them make decisions in his customarily blunt fashion, asserting that the joke was on the supporters who sacrifice their money and resources for their favorite stars. He stated that the celebrities establish themselves and their families in safer environments abroad with the help of the fans.

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