Seun Kuti’s Assault On Police

Seun Kuti's Assault on Police Officer Sparks Outrage; IG Orders Arrest

Incident Overview

Seun Kuti, a well-known singer, stirred up public outrage when a video of him assaulting a police officer on the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos State went viral on 14th May 2023. Kuti was seen pushing the officer beside a Toyota Hilux police van and proceeded to slap him, while exclaiming, “You dey crase, you dey mad?” The video, which quickly spread across social media, sparked intense debate and calls for Kuti’s punishment.

Public Reaction

Many social media users condemned Kuti’s actions, insisting that no individual is above the law. They demanded swift justice and urged celebrities to show respect for the law and its enforcers. However, Kuti defended his actions on his Instagram page, claiming the policeman had threatened his life and his family’s safety. He insisted that the officer had apologized, and he had decided not to press charges.

Police Response

The incident caught the attention of the Inspector-General of Police, Usman Baba, who ordered the immediate arrest of Kuti. He also instructed a full and swift investigation into the assault’s circumstances. The IG emphasized that contempt for symbols of authority would not be tolerated and offenders would face the full force of the law.

Rights activist and lawyer, Femi Falana, stated that Kuti had sought his legal service following the IGP’s arrest order. Falana confirmed that Kuti would turn himself in and cooperate fully with the investigation. Meanwhile, Kuti affirmed his readiness to cooperate with the police authorities via an Instagram post.

Punishment for Offence

Section 98 of the Police Act 2020-98 outlines the punishment for assaulting or resisting a police officer in the discharge of duty. If convicted, an offender may be liable to a fine of N500,000 or imprisonment for a term of six months or both.

Condemnations and Calls for Justice

The incident has attracted widespread condemnation. Rights lawyer, Dr. Kayode Ajulo, suggested that Kuti seek psychological help for anger management and expressed the need for the musician to show remorse and apologize. The Police Service Commission also demanded the immediate prosecution of Kuti, commending the IGP’s prompt action in ordering the arrest and prosecution of the singer.

Kuti’s Claims

In response to the outrage and the order for his arrest, Kuti reiterated his claim that the police officer had attempted to kill him and his family. He also stated that he was not “chasing clout” and urged the public to let the officer keep his job.


The incident involving Seun Kuti and the police officer has sparked a fierce debate about the rule of law, respect for authority, and celebrity impunity. As the situation unfolds, the public eagerly awaits the results of the investigation and subsequent action by the law enforcement agencies.

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