Sexyy Red Announces Release Date For New EP

You made a big mistake if you believed that Sexyy Red was slowing down following a massive 2023. Her new EP, ‘In Sexyy We Trust,’ will also be released over Memorial Day weekend on Friday, May 24, via Open Shift and Gamma, as she recently revealed. This occurs amid many significant releases, appearances, viral moments, and other actions by the St. Louis celebrity, such as the most current Chief Keef song, “Grape Trees.” Her work ethic never ceases to amaze us, so we shouldn’t be too shocked that she keeps striking while the iron is still hot.

In addition, fans are curious about what format this new EP will take: will it be a collection of tunes similar to Hood Hottest Princess’s debut EP, a smaller selection, or something entirely different? In any case, Sexyy Red ought to have one or two hits that will become viral, or maybe this will include a compilation of some of the most current singles and collaborations, such as “Get It Sexyy.” In the week preceding the release of “In Sexyy We Trust” during Memorial Day Weekend, perhaps fans will learn more. However, nothing beats an excellent first listen with as few spoilers as possible, so maybe this new EP contains some enjoyable surprises.

However, fans have few doubts that Sexyy Red knows her skills far too well and will work hard to give her fans the most EP experience possible. Even the most dedicated “SkeeYee” fans, however, are unable to predict every move, as evidenced by a recent viral video of a brawl at a high school. She even replied with a straightforward “Been on Det!!!” to this old fight video.

Sexyy Red will undoubtedly have another incredible year in 2024, especially since a music video featuring 42 Dugg is planned. Music enthusiasts hope ‘In Sexyy We Trust’ is even more delightful since she’s already making beautiful strides in that area. It’s a straightforward yet powerful approach to build on last year’s LP, whether it’s a change of pace or more of our favourites.

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