Sexyy Red Reacts As High School Fight Video Resurfaces

It’s no secret that Sexy Red often captures headlines with her bold and controversial actions. However, her assertive nature appeared evident even before she rose to fame. Reports of a video showing her involved in a physical altercation with a fellow high school student have surfaced online. The incident escalated until a staff member intervened to diffuse the situation.

The commotion of shouting, throwing stools, and other things is captured in the video. The reason behind the brawl is still unknown; however, Sexy Red and the student can be heard arguing about a phone. In any case, it’s safe to say that everyone, even the appalled teacher, could not stop the “Rich Baby Daddy” performer. When Sexyy Red saw the video going viral on social media, she responded with a straightforward tweet. She wrote, “Been on Det!” implying she doesn’t regret the fight. Violence is never the appropriate answer, but people still compliment her on her abilities.

Thankfully, she doesn’t seem like a warrior these days because she has a lot riding on her.

For instance, a fight in the audience started in September last year as the “Shake Yo Dreads” rapper performed one of her tracks live. Nevertheless, she continued the presentation without getting involved in the altercation or even acknowledging it. Looking as calm as possible, she even broke into a few dance movements as she saw the altercation before her.

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