Shaggy On Turning Down Rihanna’s Offer To Work Together

Did Shaggy even turn down an offer to collaborate with Rihanna? The rumours say he did turn down an offer to work with the Barbadian singer. But what does the man behind the whole controversy have to say?

Commenting about it all, Shaggy had noted he was approached for Rihanna’s project. Several great people were on it, but having to audition for it was a big turn-off. He said he didn’t need to audition to be on the project, so he’d instead leave the audition thing for younger artists.

He may not have joined the project back then but expressed optimism that it would still fly without him. At 53, Orville Richard Burrell, long famous as Shaggy, is much older than Rihanna, the lady behind the project. So that explains his refusal to be part of the audition.

Having him on the project without an audition would have shown more respect for the Jamaican and his art. So he opted for the other way to preserve his dignity – not auditioning for anything.

In contrast, a rep for Rihanna claimed that Shaggy had requested to be on the project but was told it was already completed. Still, according to the same representative, Shaggy was asked to submit something just in case. But he declined.

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