Shatta Wale Discusses His Savings Strategy For A Music Video With TG Omori

Shatta Wale, a dancehall and rap artist from Ghana, has said he wants to collaborate with TG Omori, a director of music videos from Nigeria. He made a pitch to his followers, explaining that he hasn’t been able to release music videos as regularly as he should since he prefers Omori to do it. Shatta, who peaked as one of the top 100 most prominent Ghanaians, believes the acclaimed Nigerian director is the best for him.

The singer claimed that he is putting money aside to hire TG Omori and pursuing record label representation to receive backing for his music videos. In addition, Shatta Wale urged his followers to take pleasure in his songs while he looked for a record label to support him.

He wrote: “The reason I can’t shoot videos is because of @boy_director. If I don’t get a record label this year to support me to make my fans happy then you guys should wait and let me make my millions of dollars. But for now, enjoy the music. I am saving !!! TG is the best now for me !!”

However, he did not need to save to ice out his microphone, which he had just flaunted online. After displaying the pricey microphone, the musician who enjoys investing in his business has taken over social media trends.

Shatta Wale can be seen smiling after receiving the microphone in a brief video released on his official Snapchat page and afterward shared on Twitter by his admirers. Shatta Wale’s diamond-plaited customized microphone is estimated to have cost about $10,000.

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