Shenseea Debunks All Rumours Of Dating Drake And Carrying His Child

Shenseea has put the pregnancy rumors to sleep.

On a media visit to promote her debút album, Alpha, which was released today, the Jamaican superstar made a stop at “The Breakfast Club,” where she yet again tried to set straight the record regarding a false report that bears the news of her dating Drake and being knocked up with his baby.

“That’s a lie. Listen, me and Drake, we never even kissed, much less for him to even get me pregnant,” she said to Angela Yee. The singer expressed her shock over how a person could wake up one morning and decide to make a fresh, hot meal of lies for public consumption.

“I saw the article online and I sent it to one of my managers. I was like, ‘Can people really lie on me like this?’” she asked. “Everything that that person wrote about me was a lie…It’s just ridiculous stuff, man.”

Before moving away from that topic, she had a special message for whoever it was that started peddling the “ridiculous” rumor. “I’m like, ‘You’re going to hell, man.’ Goddamn.” Down the line of the interview, she opened up about the death of her mother, the estranged relationship she has with her father, collaborating with other female artists, and her sex life.

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