Shenseea Gets Called Out By London On Da Track’s Babymama, “Keep Yourself & Your Son Away”

Eboni Ivori, the mother of London On Da Track’s infant child, is criticizing Shenseea and claims that Rajeiro Lee, the singer’s son, is acting inappropriately with her daughter. Eboni made serious accusations and criticized Shenseea for failing to raise her son properly in a series of Instagram Stories that she uploaded on Monday afternoon.

Shenseea Gets Called Out By London On Da Track'S Babymama, &Quot;Keep Yourself &Amp; Your Son Away&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, November 30, 2023

Even though Shenseea and London have not formally admitted to dating, there have been rumors that the two were lovers. According to Eboni’s article, the couple was not just intimately involved but also introduced their kids to one another and allowed them to spend time together.

Eboni claims that Shenseea wants Raj, Shenseea’s son, to keep his distance from Paris, her daughter. The ages of the two kids are similar. Shenseea was then called out along with her son as she was tagged. She also made a suggestion that maybe she had alerted London of the claims, but it was disregarded.

Shenseea and her people had been contacted, but the woman continued, and she had received no response. It also seems that Eboni was angry that Shenseea was around her daughter and wanted Paris to refer to her as “mom,” but this is not confirmed by the woman.

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