Shenseea Gets Her Neck Iced Out, As London On Da Track Gifts Her New, Expensive Jewelry On Stage

After she had initially denied being romantically involved with London On Da Track, Shenseea has once again been seen with the producer. The Alpha singer was photographed with the producer during the Super Bowl weekend, holding hands, but armed with an explanation, the singer came back to break down what was going in the photos and video being circulated.

She said that London was only making sure she didn’t trip and fall as she walked, but now that the producer had her live performance interrupted just so he could ice out her neck, fans and basically everyone are back with even more questions.

The Same Room shared a couple of videos showing London and Shenseea together at an event put together by the singer and her team to celebrate the release of her debut studio album, “Alpha”. In one clip, London is seen walking closely behind the singer as she was being showed the way to photographers at the event, while in another, Shenseea was joined by several people on stage for a random but unbelievable surprise.


When one of the men that joined her on stage opened a jewelry box to reveal an iced-out chain with an accompanying large pendant, Shenseea expressed her surprise, as London himself helped wear the beauty around Shenseea’s neck.

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