Show Love! : Portable Brings Smiles To Streets With Food And Gifts

The controversial street-hop artist Portable recently won the hearts of many with his deeds for the underprivileged. Portable has wisely chosen to use his position to support the disadvantaged community despite the success and renown he has earned from the start of his music career.

Show Love! : Portable Brings Smiles To Streets With Food And Gifts, Yours Truly, News, June 18, 2024
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Recently, Portable posted a video of himself and his staff providing food to individuals in remote areas on his Instagram feed. This goodwill deed took place when the current economic hardships were causing many Nigerians to struggle to make ends meet.

Portable successfully changed the public’s perception of him with this beautiful deed. He had previously been perceived as someone who solely cared about living a life of luxury, but this time he displayed his sympathetic side. As a result, it appears that Portable is putting the opulent lifestyle on hold in favor of the underprivileged.

He posted on his social media and captioned it, “Who go help you, no go stress you.”

“Zazuu, stop waiting for things to happen. Go out and make it happen. Who go help you, no stress you. We meet everyone for a reason: they are a blessing or a lesson. Street ti take over wahala Ika of Afrika. The street problem, Idamu adugboyin. Showing luv to the street,”.

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