“Shutdown” By BLACKPINK Has Raked In Over 200 Million Spotify Streams

BLACKPINK just achieved 200 million streams on the music streaming service Spotify, demonstrating once more why they are dubbed the biggest girl group in the world.

The song not only received 200 million streams, but it also passed Pink Venom by the group’s other song to become the second-fastest K-pop song of 2022 to reach this milestone. Shut Down required 68 days, whilst the latter just needed 42 days. BLINKS are overjoyed that the K-pop girl force now has a total of 16 songs that have broken the record.

They praised the accomplishment on Twitter, addressing them as “Queens.” BLACKPINK, who are sometimes referred to as the “Queens of YouTube” for breaking records with each comeback video, did it once more with their album BORN PINK. The music video for Pink Venom, their pre-release single, hit 400 million views on November 26, 2022, and the music video for Shut Down, the album’s title song, exceeded 200 million views.

But the quartet’s earlier albums aren’t the only ones setting new records. Their Kill This Love video from 2019 became the third K-pop video (together with PSY’s Gangnam Style and their own DDU-DU DDU-DU) to surpass 1.7 billion views on YouTube on November 25, 2022. This added to the smash group’s ever-growing list of YouTube records and made BLACKPINK the first Korean artists to accomplish the feat with multiple music videos.

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