Sid Sriram’s New Single ‘Dear Sahana’ and Upcoming Album ‘SIDHARTH’ Stir Excitement

The Bollywood Playback Star's Foray into English-Language Music Garners Anticipation

Sid Sriram, the singer, songwriter, performer, and Bollywood playback star, has recently unveiled his new single “Dear Sahana,” creating a buzz in the music industry. The single, released via Def Jam Recordings, is a part of Sriram’s much-anticipated debut English-language album, ‘SIDHARTH,’ set to be released on July 28.

“Dear Sahana” is a testament to Sriram’s unique ability to blend various musical styles. The song features a delicate balance of clean guitar and cinematic strings, complementing Sriram’s dreamy vocal delivery. The song was first previewed during Sriram’s NPR Tiny Desk performance, which has garnered over 782K views on TikTok and 69.3K likes, indicating a warm reception from fans worldwide.

The song speaks to women of all cultures and creeds, resonating particularly with the South Asian diaspora. Sriram’s ability to craft a new kind of love song has been widely appreciated, with the song generating nearly 5 million views on a series of recent Instagram Reels.

Sriram’s upcoming album ‘SIDHARTH’ was recorded at the studio of Ryan Olson in Minneapolis with support from Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. The album is expected to further showcase Sriram’s unique blend of Indian and Western classical music, rock, and electronic music.

In addition to the album release, Sriram is set to support Bon Iver on tour this August, with stops in Wisconsin, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah. This tour is expected to bring Sriram’s unique sound to a wider audience and further establish his place in the global music scene.

However, while Sriram’s unique blend of musical styles and powerful vocals are commendable, some critics argue that the singer could benefit from exploring a wider range of themes in his lyrics. Despite this minor critique, the anticipation for ‘SIDHARTH’ and Sriram’s upcoming tour remains high, indicating that this Bollywood playback star’s foray into English-language music is set to make a significant impact.

In other news, Sriram is also set to hold a live concert at Hitex Exhibition Grounds in Hyderabad on June 18, where he will be performing his chartbusters and other songs from his diverse repertoire. The event is expected to attract as many as 6000 attendees, further solidifying Sriram’s growing popularity.



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