Silk Sonic Joins The ‘Fortnite’ Universe

Silk Sonic, the Grammy Award-nominated singing duo of Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars, have officially joined the Fortnite universe as playable characters!

Silk Sonic has officially charged in to take over the world of video games!

“When Fortnite asked me if I wanted to create an outfit for the game, I asked, ‘Are CGI muscles off the table?’” Bruno Mars said in a statement. “They said ‘no.’ I said ‘deal.’ I’ll see you on the Island.”

In agreement with Bruno’s sentiment, Anderson .Paak had this to say: “When Fortnite agreed to give Bruno CGI muscles, I said I’m in. He could use the help, so I support it. And it makes me cool. Win, win.”

Dubbed the “Silk Sonic Set,” each of the two musicians and a host of outfits will be up for grabs for Fortnite players starting February 10. Fans will also be able to compete with each other in the “Silk Sonic Cup” tournament, kicking off on the 7th of February.

It gets even more interesting! Players will also gain access to an exclusive in-game radio station called “Icon Radio”, to be hosted by Bootsy Collins.

This automatically means players can listen to the duo’s debut album, “An Evening with Silk Sonic”, along with other Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak classics, while they cruise around in vehicles.

Hit play on the video below to check out the breakdown of the “Silk Sonic Set”:

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