Simi Asks Fans For Patience While She Works On Her New Album

Simi, a gifted Nigerian singer and songwriter, recently sparked concern among her followers over a potential lack of quality in her future album. Simi is well known for her distinctive sound, melodious voice, and inventive lyrics in the Nigerian music industry. Therefore, she felt compelled to convey her concern about upholding the same standards in the new album.

Simi admitted that she had three plans for how the album would be prepared and released, but things didn’t go according to plan. The preparations fell through when Simi faced an unanticipated hurdle in life. Simi and her team could have been very concerned about this, but her devoted fans weren’t concerned.

The “Joromi” singer is aware of the value of high-quality music, and she wasn’t willing to sacrifice by releasing an inferior album, which she might come to regret. Because of this, she decided to be patient and take her time to add the finishing touches to her record. As a result, Simi says her new album will be exactly what her followers have been waiting for.

According to some recent tweets, her first daughter and child Adejare wouldn’t allow her record in peace without messing up her takes, but it was all in good fun. As always, Simi Army will have their bragging rights soon.

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