Sina Rambo’s Estranged Wife Removes ‘Adeleke’ From Daughter’s IG Page

Singer Sina Rambo’s estranged wife, Heidi Korth, has removed “Adeleke” from their daughter’s name on Instagram.

The drama that flooded the internet last year was so much. Some of our favourite celeb couples, including singer Sina Rambo and wife Heidi Korth, announced their separation.

Heidi took to her Instagram stories to call Rambo out for being abusive and broke. She shared chats of him accusing her of having extramarital affairs, and receipts to show that she’d been the one taking care of everything in their home. The singer released a statement through his solicitors refuting the claims. The statement read,

“Our client refutes these allegations in its entirety as bascless and lies that have no iota of truth in them. Our Client is an upstanding and respectable member of the society who holds family values dear to his heart. Our client further states that he has never and will never engage in any form of domestic violence and that any disagreement between him and Ms Heidi Korth Adeleke is a private matter.”

Heidi Korth seems to have stepped things up a notch by removing the Adeleke last name from her daughter’s page on Instagram. The baby’s username now reads “Yohanna Korth.”

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