Singer Simi Criticizes INEC Over 300BN Election Allocation

Nigerian singer Simi has been and remains one of the few celebrities in the country that boldly stands up for the rights of the people by speaking up against the evils and injustices happening in the nation. And throughout the election period, before and after, Simi was never silent. On the contrary, she kept sending tweets addressing pressing issues related to the recently concluded polls, Nigerian leaders, and their committed relationship with corruption.

In one of such tweets, which has made the singer a trending topic on Twitter, Simi said that hospitals and schools might have been fixed with the 300 billion naira spent on the 2023 elections. On Monday, Simi posted this on her Twitter account. She also complained about the Independent National Electoral Commission’s (INEC) 2023 elections, which she said were manipulated and about which the powerful people remained silent.

During the recently held governorship and House of Assembly elections, the musician attacked tribalists and racial bigots. The singer faulted politicians for the rapid surge of tribalism and criticized people who allow themselves to be used as tools to propagate acts that stem from “beliefs” sold to them. Simi warned tribal bigots that serving masters who didn’t care about them would worsen their poverty and shamelessness. After the elections, she said, they will realize they were just being exploited.

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