Singing Selena Quintanilla’s Iconic Tunes, A 10-Year-Old Arizona Girl Becomes Popular Online

A 10-year-old singing phenom who has been dubbed the “new Selena” by at least one admirer went popular on TikTok for singing the late Selena Quintanilla’s greatest hits. More than 5 million people have seen a video of Mariapaula Mazon performing Selena’s husband Chris Perez the legendary Tejano singer’s 1992 song “Como la Flor” in the past month alone.

Mariapaula began singing when she was two years old and hasn’t stopped since. “I love everything — being on the stage, singing, dancing,” the burgeoning star from Tucson, Arizona, told Good Morning America.

She claimed that when she celebrated her ninth birthday with a Selena-themed party, her love for Selena songs really began to blossom.


Thank you Chris Pérez for allowing me to sing you this beautiful song by your sweet love 🌹🕊❤️ Thank you Las Vegas. #lasvegas#selenaquintanilla#comolaflor#chrisperez#selenanetflix#selena#selenafan#abquintanilla#tejano

♬ original sound – Mariapaula Mazon 🎤


“Amor Prohibido” ❤️‍🩹 @Selena Quintanilla #amorprohibido#amorprohibidoselena#selenaquintanilla#selena#selenafan#tucson#tucsonaz#whiskeyroads

♬ original sound – Mariapaula Mazon 🎤

“My dad told me to sing a song, any song, and I picked ‘Como la Flor’ and he told me, ‘Sing the song, I will record you,'” she recalled. “He put it on Facebook and then everything just went from there.”

Mariapaula’s father Joe Rivera, a lover of Selena himself, praised his daughter for her exceptional renditions of her songs, including “Como la Flor.” Mariapaula now prefers Selena’s debut hit from 1992, the melancholy “Como la Flor,” which compares a broken heart to a withered flower. Selena is commonly referred to as the “Queen of Tejano music.”

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