Skales Finally Speaks Out About His Beef With Wizkid In New Video

After eight years of speculation and rumors, Nigerian musician Skales has finally addressed the longstanding feud between him and fellow Afrobeats sensation, Wizkid. The issue began in 2015 when the two artists engaged in antagonistic behavior toward each other on Twitter during a question-and-answer session with fans. Skales had joked that Wizkid was too busy for him to talk to him about anything, which Wizkid apparently misunderstood and responded with insults aimed at Skales’ father.

In a recent interview with Echo Room, Skales clarified that the tweet was intended as a joke and that the responses that appeared to come from his account were from the woman he was dating at the time. He also stated that he felt insulted by the scenario but chose to forgive Wizkid rather than confront him. Skales further revealed that he no longer has any ill will toward Wizkid, as the two artists have collaborated on two songs together since the feud occurred.

The resolution of this longstanding feud has come as a relief to many music enthusiasts who have been curious about the origin of the gap between the two artists. Skales’ decision to forgive Wizkid and move on from the feud is a positive example of conflict resolution in the music industry.

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