Skales Goes Wild On New Single “Konibaje,” Featuring Rotimi

It’s a promise made and filled for Nigerian singer Skales as he presents a new tune titled “Konibaje” in collaboration with his associate, Nigerian-American Rotimi.

Before the project officially popped online and on streaming platforms, Rotimi had charmed fans with a freestyle, as well as informed fans about what was on the way. He had followed it up with a clip of him and Rotimi having a good time in the pool.

Well, the wait is over, and fans now have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of what he has created, a refreshing number that will intrigue music lovers generally, whatever their genre fidelities.

Skales and Rotimi were never serial collaborators. But they hit it off in their song in review, and one can only smile at the potency of their offering and their collaborative synergy.

On the strength of this song, it is hard not to visualise the two of them on another bop. At the moment, of course, nothing is assured. So you may as well luxuriate in the world of what they have just created while keeping your eyes peeled for more.

That sounds like the way to go, mate. No qualms; let the music begin.

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