Skiibii Moves On From DSF; Set To Release Diss Song Title “Back To Sender”

On his upcoming track, Skiibii discusses his problems with his ex-girlfriend DSF. Skiibii informs everyone in “Back To Sender” that everything is in order and that he has moved on permanently.

Her revelation that Skiibii leads a phony life came out during their dramatic social media breakup a few months ago, it will be remembered. Skiibii responded to DSF’s allegations that he planned a robbery when they were on holiday in Zanzibar. She admitted that her ex-boyfriend stole some of her things.

Skiibii’s management issued a formal statement against the slandering of Skiibii’s name after the viral video became viral. Additionally, they stated that Skiibii lost all of the diamond jewelry he had on him, meaning that the goods owned by DSF were not the only items taken.

The Duo had countless interviews and a lot of dirty secrets were being leaked especially by the aggrieved ex-girlfriend whereas Skiibii only made official statements through his management.

The talented Skiibii then went to the recording studio and used music to express his emotions after feeling the urge to tell his own version of the incident.

The Star, in an upbeat tempo jam as opposed to the sober mood many would have been expecting, has clearly stated that he has moved on for good and is still the baddest/biggest Boy.

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