Snoop Dogg Is Excited To Cover The 2024 Paris Olympics

Snoop Dogg has returned to his role as a commentator and is receiving positive attention for his entertaining coverage, particularly during the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. Teaming up with comedian Kevin Hart, the duo showcased the event’s highlights with spontaneity and humour, demonstrating great chemistry. Snoop Dogg appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to discuss the upcoming Paris Summer Olympics in 2024, expressing his enthusiasm for returning to commentating.

In 2021, a video of Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg providing commentary on the dressage competition went viral, with Snoop’s humorous remark about the horses “crip walking” amusing social media users. Wearing a customized Olympic uniform, Snoop announced that he would be covering the 2024 games in Paris with the NBC crew, promising fans more viral moments. The legendary rapper also shared other news about his upcoming activities this summer.

During his appearance on The Tonight Show, Snoop expressed his interest in collaborating with Jimmy Fallon on something musical and comedic in Paris, referencing his viral moment with Kevin Hart and expressing his excitement about meeting the horses he previously commented on. Additionally, Snoop Dogg will be a judge on NBC’s singing competition, The Voice, and has appeared on other music-related reality TV shows. The 2024 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony is set to take place in Paris, France, on July 26, with the Games concluding on August 11. Snoop Dogg is looking forward to providing entertaining coverage once again, as he did alongside Kevin Hart during the previous Olympics.

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