Sophia Momodu Unfollows Uncle, Dele Momodu On Instagram After Comment On Imade’s Visit

The Unfollow Drama

Nigerian fashion aficionado and social media sensation, Sophia Momodu, stirred up a social media storm when she unfollowed her uncle, Dele Momodu, on Instagram. This surprising move has added another twist to the ongoing saga between Sophia and Afrobeats superstar, Davido, as it appears that Dele Momodu is the latest casualty in their prolonged dispute. The discovery was made when fans noticed Sophia was no longer among Dele’s followers.

Triggering Incident

The Instagram unfollow incident follows closely on the heels of a recent post by Dele Momodu, CEO of Ovation International. He posted a photograph of Imade, the daughter Sophia shares with Davido, spending time with Davido’s uncle, Governor Adeleke. The caption read, “@realimadeadeleke with her Big Daddy @aadeleke_01 yesterday in Lagos.”

Imade’s Visit to Governor Adeleke

Governor Adeleke, recently validated as the governor of Osun state by the Supreme Court, has been sharing joyous family moments on social media. Among the posts was a picture of him with his grand-niece, Imade. The image, shared by blogger @temilolasobola, shows the governor and Imade in a cheerful pose, each holding two fingers up in a playful gesture. This post was also captioned by Dele Momodu, which seems to have triggered Sophia’s action.

Public Reactions

Social media users have been buzzing with opinions and conjectures about Sophia’s decision to unfollow her uncle. Some view it as an expression of disapproval for Dele’s public involvement in her private life, while others see it as an escalation in the ongoing drama between Sophia and Davido.


The public and the media are watching closely for further developments, as this latest incident adds a new dimension to the ongoing saga between Sophia and Davido. Whether this unfollow is a temporary expression of displeasure or indicative of a more significant rift in the family is yet to be determined. The parties involved have yet to issue any official statements regarding the issue.

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