Soso Soberekon Crowns OBO’s ‘Timeless’ “Album Of The Century”

There’s no doubt that OBO is the Man Of The Moment. Davido had guaranteed his fans a fantastic new album and reaffirmed his intention to return from hiatus in March. On Friday, March 31, he followed through on that commitment as the album went on sale for pre-orders. Pre-release tracks from the album reached some of the top spots on the Nigerian music charts before the album even came out.

Soso Soberekon Crowns Obo'S 'Timeless' &Quot;Album Of The Century&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, May 28, 2023


Following the album’s formal release, the jubilation was caught in a video that has since gone viral and showed Davido and his team, including Soso Soberekon, celebrating and cheering. It’s not surprising that Davido and his crew were overjoyed since the release had been long anticipated.

The new album has received overwhelmingly favorable feedback. Fans laud Davido as a visionary, a pioneer, and a master while praising the most contemporary music. With its distinctive and traditional afrobeat sounds, it’s easy to understand why many people are already referring to it as one of the year’s finest albums.

In the viral video, Davido can be seen seated among his team, and they share a tequila toast while Soso then crowns ‘Timeless’ “Album Of The Century.”

Davido’s return to the industry’s big picture with “Timeless” comes when much has changed during his departure. Fans might have expected him to tread a more personal path, but he reliably keeps things casual, uncomplicated, and remote.


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