Soundz & FAVE Join Forces On New Song ‘Fever’

Soundz makes a capturing comeback in 2023 with a new single, “Fever,” following the viral success of his 2022 Tik-Tok hit, “Attention,” cementing his place as one of the most alluring young singers in the Afro-fusion genre.

Soundz &Amp; Fave Join Forces On New Song 'Fever', Yours Truly, News, June 12, 2024

In “Fever,” Soundz effortlessly teams up with Nigerian pop singer FAVE, who most recently teamed up with seasoned Afrobeats artist Davido. They deftly combine alluring melodies, evocative lyrics, and seductive voices to create a unique and beautiful riddim. With a detailed depiction of the emptiness felt being apart from a wanted romantic partner, “Fever” explores the deep yearning to be with them. Soundz says,

It’s an awkward feeling, and it may not be reciprocated, but it’s a sentiment I wanted to express nonetheless. I described how everything felt brighter when I was in their presence, and Fave’s verse added clarity to the message.”

This seductive Afrofusion song fuses poetry with rhythmic basslines and R&B influences to create a polished and upbeat sound. Soundz produced the track, demonstrating his impressive flexibility as a producer and musician. He has previously helped make successful breakthrough records for musicians like YKB, Dai Verse, and Jaido P.

When Soundz recalls Fave’s first reaction of joy after hearing the song, he writes, “Her genuine enthusiasm upon listening to the record was a magical moment. It confirmed that we had created something truly special together.” When “Fever” was being made, Soundz and Fave worked in perfect harmony, and it shows in the finished song.

In addition to showcasing his creative prowess and sporadic video editing abilities, Soundz is a multi-hyphenate who shines as a producer. He painstakingly creates immersive soundscapes for his listeners and followers and carefully selects distinctive visuals, upgrading his music into a complete and satisfying experience. Soundz is unquestionably one of the most interesting up-and-coming musicians in the Afrobeats scene. With his varied fusion, standout sound, and mastery of aural craftsmanship, “Fever” further establishes his status as an artist to watch and perhaps Afrobeats’ breakout talent.

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