Speed Darlington Questions DJ Cuppy’s Reasons For Marriage

Nigerian rapper Speed Darlington, who resides in the United States, has critiqued DJ Cuppy for her engagement to Ryan Taylor.

In case you forgot, the millionaire heiress was proposed to by her lover in Dubai. The rapper questioned if the disc jockey wed under peer pressure from her father or out of love in what seemed more like a confrontation than a piece of advice. He mentioned how a younger sister marrying before her older sister is frowned upon in African tradition.

To avoid falling behind her sister Temi Otedola, who is engaged to artist Mr. Eazi, he hopes Cuppy didn’t push their love. Apparently, Speed has been slow to have not learnt of the discreetness of Cuppy’s relationship with her boxer beau. According to reports, the Ryan and Cuppy had been a pair for about 3 years, just doing their thing on the low.

It’s very possible Speed has been nursing a secret admiration for the billionaire’s daughter because why should anyone be this worried about a person’s reason(s) for tying the knot with another, right? Anyway, Speed and his remarks come after DJ Cuppy had disclosed that she had started marriage counseling before the wedding proper.

DJ Cuppy uploaded a picture of herself, Ryan, and British DJ Charlie Sloth on Twitter and wrote that they were having a business meeting and marriage counseling even though they haven’t made their wedding date officially public.

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