Speed Darlington Shares His View On Tems, Teni: Accuses Them Of “Imitation”

Nigerian singer and content producer Speed Darlington sometimes referred to as “Akpi” on social media, expressed his disapproval of Tems and Teni, two of the country’s current international sensations, whom he believes are emulating Tiwa Savage. The “hilarious” similarities in the initial letters of Tems, Teni, and Tiwa Savage, which Speed Darlington described as a pattern, were discussed in an interview on a podcast.

Speed Darlington Shares His View On Tems, Teni: Accuses Them Of &Quot;Imitation&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024

He asserted that Teni and Tems’ choice of stage name is a parody/imitation of Tiwa’s name, even at the risk of appearing envious. Tems and Teni are essentially acronyms of their names, which the presenter tried to point out, but Speed Darlington was having none of it.

The musician and content producer who rose to renown for his unusual style of music and eccentric social media antics claimed that Tems and Teni lacked creativity, which goes against his belief that artists should be innovative.

“Akpi” claims that Teni and Tems emulated Tiwa since her stage name helped her get famous rather than taking chances with their stage names. Most individuals familiar with Speed’s brand won’t be surprised by his assertion because he has a history of making absurd and humorous claims.

He formerly referred to himself as “one of Nigeria’s top artists.” Also, he and social media influencer Tunde Ednut got into a public spat on who was more well-known a few years ago. Indeed, His remarks about Teni and Tems would probably be categorized as one of the numerous humorous observations that have gained him popularity on Nigerian social media.

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