Spyro Remembers Broke Days; Says “I’m Still In Shock”

Rising Star Spyro, a singer from Nigeria, has shared some of the difficult times he went through before becoming famous. The musician admitted that his circumstances had gotten so poor that he had occasionally turned to ask for help through the direct messages (DM) of strangers on social media.

Spyro Remembers Broke Days; Says “I’m Still In Shock”, Yours Truly, News, May 29, 2024


Spyro acknowledged asking his friends for money to feed himself. The artist thanked God for altering his tale with his most recent number-one single, “Who’s Your Guy,” and said that everything else was now in the past. The promising singer prayed for his audience, believing that God would change their stories even if they might be going through identical circumstances as he had in the past.

He said:

“It’s really amazing what God can do in a man’s life. I remember a couple of months, I was broke, and I was disappointed in life. I felt like, is this dream of mine ever going to come true?

“I will enter into peoples’ DM to beg for help. And I was literally begging for help in real life. I’ll call my friends on phones Kunle, Christian, Korede just for money to eat.

“Things were that bad and it makes me feel a lot of people are going through the same situation or similar situations. Which is the reason why I always want to take every opportunity to pray for people.

“I pray for whoever is listening to me today, God is going to give you a life-changing testimony. He is going to change your life in a manner that you cannot even comprehend. Like, He’s going to boast with your life.

“I’m still in shock at what God is doing in my life and I extend that same grace to you. If he can do it for one, he can do it for all. Believe and you’ll see it, in Jesus name we pray; Amen!”

His most recent single, “Who’s Your Guy,” is still among the top songs on most charts worldwide and has even gotten a remix with the Queen of Afrobeats, Tiwa Savage. It has also been among the most used pieces on TikTok since its release.

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